High-Quality Hardware & Accessories

eLiquid Vaporizers

At The Local Vapor, the safety and satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.  As an authorized Innokin dealer, we carry some of the best and most innovative technology on the market as well.  Whether you are looking for a safer alternative to combustible tobacco products or simply enjoy the experience of vaping… we will surely have a device that caters perfectly to your needs.  We stock a large variety of top brands within the industry; including Innokin, Kangertech, Smoktech, Provari, Halo, and Aspire (as well as many others).  Our devices carry some of the latest and safest features such as short circuit and over-discharge protection, variable voltage/wattage, ohms meters, puffs counters and battery level indicators.  We carry more basic and traditional ego/510 threaded devices with universal compatibility… as well as more sophisticated devices with LED display, external USB connections, and resistance load detection.  Feel free to peruse our selection or stop in to demo products at any time.

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Dry Herb Vaporizers

At The Local Vapor, we also carry a broad selection of vaporizers that accept loose-leaf tobacco, dry herb and aromatherapy blends.  We regularly stock top brands such as PAX, DaVinci, Firefly, Atmos, Cloupor, and Grenco Science.  We stock supplies and accessories for most of the top brands as well.  If we don’t have what you need at any given moment, we can certainly special order and often ship technology or replacement parts within a week or less.

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Halo G6 & eCig Kits

In the booming smoke-free alternative industry, eCigarettes are just about everywhere.  From gas stations, to convenience stores, to supermarkets… it’s not uncommon to run into hundreds of different brands and “cigalikes” all claiming to be the best.  In most cases it’s just tobacco companies or small start-ups trying to cash in on their share of the market. DON’T BE FOOLED. Every single week, we chat with dozens of different customers all sharing in similar bad experiences with these cheaply made, often disposable, and unsatisfying brands.  At The Local Vapor… we recognize the fact that a lot of customers don’t necessarily want a large or high powered device.  They desire something portable and discrete… comparable to the size, shape and feel of a traditional cigarette to make the transition away from combustible tobacco as seamless as possible. That’s where Halo comes in.  Halo USB rechargeable eCigarettes are by far the best brand out on the market; and it’s the very vaping community we serve that has rated them as such.  In our humble opinion, the Halo brand of eCigarettes provide the smoothest and most satisfying draw. Halo is an American-based company, and their G6 cartomizers offer customers the unique capability to choose and fill with ANY eLiquid on the market… not just a generic tobacco or menthol flavor.  Halo G6 kits are sleek, discrete, and highly affordable.  Stop by anytime to see for yourself.

Clearomizer & Cartomizers

At the Local Vapor we stock a large selection of universally compatible ego/510 threaded tanks, cartridges, and replacement coils including Innokin, Kangertech, Halo, Aspire, Smoktech, and other brands.  If you are in need of a tank, looking to upgrade, or it’s about time to replace your cartridge or coil; we have you covered.  We stock tanks that hold anywhere from 1.5ml to nearly 5ml.  Our tanks feature a number of options such as Pyrex glass, stainless steel, adjustable airflow, top or bottom coil design and removable drip-tips.

Mods & Atomizers

Don’t think we forgot about all of the sub-ohmers and cloud chasers out there either.  At the Local Vapor, we regularly stock a huge selection of mods and atomizers to suit all of your dripping and rebuilding needs.  We offer both authentic mods/RDAs and high quality clones from companies such as HCigar and VCEEGO.  Our employees Rob and Ryan are experts within this space and would be happy to build a coil for you or educate newcomers on the best and safest practices. 


Batteries, chargers, kanthal, cases, ohm readers, coils… we have it all!  We regularly stock a wide assortment of replacement parts and accessories to cater to your every need.  If for any reason we are lacking something you need, don’t hesitate to let us know. We're happy to place a special order.