Premium eLiquids

Our menu is constantly evolving on a daily basis. Here are just a few of the brands that we carry.  Call us anytime to check on brand & flavor availability.

Dtown Menu

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Ambler Menu

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Beard vape co.


Highly popular CA-based line that originated from 2 brothers who named the line after their father (who bears the nickname “beard”). The brothers originally created and test marketed 100 flavors of their creation and numbered them #1-100. The top 3 flavors were narrowed down, and we currently feature 2 of those 3 exact flavors at The Local Vapor. Since then the brothers have expanded the line and the brand has become multinational.

Venice, CA | 60% VG - 40% PG Blend | 30ml & 60ml bottles

cosmic fog


Premium Orange County-based line with a mission to create some of the most unique flavor profiles while sticking to only the highest quality and testing standards as well. Cosmic Fog has become a highly-popular National brand with a name that is now synonymous with the industry. Cosmic Fog spends on average 7-10 months PER FLAVOR perfecting each recipe; and the owners personally vape each one for weeks before releasing to the public. They operate out of a state of the art lab setting and strive to only create “all-day-vapes” that stand the test of time. One of their top brand ambassadors grew up in Ambler, PA as well before moving out West. So the brand definitely has a strong local following as well.

Costa Mesa, CA | 70% VG - 30% PG Blend | 30ml bottles

Delta Botanicals

doylestown | Ambler

Delta Botanicals is our exclusive provider of 100% organic, CO2 extracted CBD eLiquid. Headquartered on the East Coast in Maryland, Delta sets a high benchmark and strives to develop new breakthroughs in hemp-based premium cannabidiol. Offered in 4 strengths with or without flavoring... they strive to produce an enjoyable, smooth, and consistent finished-product that reflects upon the time, experience and technical expertise that goes into producing every bottle.

Owings Mills, MD | 100% VG_Organic | 30ml bottles

five pawns (+Taken Three)


Hand-made in small batches and each bottle steeped for 2 months… Five Pawns is undeniably considered a pioneer of the vaping industry.  Five Pawns is always innovating… such as with oak and stainless steel barrel aging, development of a new PG alternative, and a proprietary mixing process.  Their signature series of 5 flavors have become true classics and fluctuate between the “5” taste senses… sweet, bitter, sour, salty, & savory.  They recently launched their new brand Taken Three which is described as “simplified, all-day blends at all day prices” and were developed to cater more towards sub-ohm vapors and technology.  Five Pawns operates in a state of the art lab setting and uses only Natural USP/food grade ingredients & the best pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Irvine, CA50% VG - 50% PG Blend | 60ml bottles
(Taken Three > 70/30 > 30ml)

Gumi / Holy Grail Elixirs

Doylestown | Ambler

Based in Signal Hill, CA and packed full of flavor, GUMI will be sure to excite candy lovers! Gumi is a popular line produced by (CA-based) Holy Grail Elixirs; and it has recently drawn a National following.  Holy Grail owns and operates its own lab and is dedicated to quality ingredients mixed in a clean-room setting.  Also GUMI comes in 60ml bottles so you’ll always have some on hand!

Signal Hill, CA | 80% VG - 20% PG Blend | 60ml bottles



Emphasis on tobacco/flavors.  Great “throat hit” at low nicotine levels.  Strict quality control/labs.  Pharmaceutical and United States Pharmacopeia [USP] grade ingredients.  FDA/FEMA approved.  Halo is an absolute juggernaut in the vaping industry.  They were one of the first companies known to have engaged the FDA in direct conversation regarding “deeming regulations”.  More recently Halo’s parent company (Nicopure Labs, LLC) took the very first legal action against it... filing suit against the FDA in US District Court within the District of Columbia.  Halo offers many different types of hardware and juice, but we feel that they excel and truly stand-out the most when it comes to their tobacco-themed eLiquid flavors.

Pompton Plains, NJ | “Proprietary” VG/PG Blend | 30ml bottles

hold fast (+Air Factory & Sour Dream)


Created in collaboration with certified chemists. Manufactured in a state of the art Iso7 laboratory.  Fully certified and FDA compliant.  Known for complex fruit and candy fusion flavors.  Hold Fast is another west coast based line of eLiquid that we feature due to its National following & commitment to quality.  Hold Fast is manufactured by parent company MyVapeOrder, which more recently developed both the Air Factory & Sour Dream brands; and these guys have really perfected the art of candy-themed eLiquids.  Sour Dream also features TOBACCO-FREE nicotine, which is a new & innovative approach within the industry.

Irvine, CA | 60% VG - 40% PG Blend | 30mL bottles

(Air Factory > 70/30 > 100ml) ~ (Sour dream > 70/30 > 60ml)



Keystone Vapor is a line created by a local Bucks County native and United States marine that got his start brewing his own beer, aging cider, and making his own wine. As the vaping industry began to solidify, Keystone’s founder naturally put his talents towards eLiquid.  Keystone has since become a National brand with a strong online presence, but they are based right next door in the Bristol/Bensalem area and operate in a lab setting. Keystone only hires local staff to support local business initiatives and emphasizes Pennsylvania Dutch and other PA-based themes and flavor profiles. The end result is a truly unique line that draws a lot of familiarity and interest with the local customer base. We are proud to be one of the few local shops that carry the brand and Keystone remains our top local choice at our Ambler location.

Croydon, PA | 70% VG – 30% PG Blends | 30ml bottles



Kilo is a fairly new juice line that has really taken the market by storm in recent months.  Founded in 2014, Kilo strives to represent freedom of expression by offering some of the most unique flavor blends currently available. The line is small, but each flavor follows suit with its iconic style and originality. It is considered a premium fruit & desert line with high standards; and its signature flavor “Dewberry Cream” won a best of show award at the 2015 Vape Summit in Las Vegas under the tropical & exotic fruits category.

Orange County, CA | 70% VG – 30% PG Blends | 15ml & 30ml bottles

Kingdom Elixir

Doylestown | Ambler

Located in Laguna Hills, CA Kingdom Elixirs refuses to stop innovating by offering beautifully crafted bottles in a unique 50ml size giving you more bang for your buck! Using only the best diacetyl-free ingredients, Kingdom Elixir’s lab manufactured flavors are guaranteed to satisfy!

LAguna Hills, CA | 60% VG - 40% PG Blend | 50ml bottles


Doylestown | Ambler

An industry leader based in Los Angeles, California. Lost Art liquids are reminiscent of your favorite childhood drinks, candy and desserts.  Extremely open about their quality standards... Lost Art posts lab analysis reports, certifications, etc directly on their site.  They use only the highest quality, fine, USP-grade ingredients and their liquids do not contain Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl.  They also feature TFN (tobacco-free nicotine) on a couple of their best selling juices.  Relive those fond memories with Lost Art Liquids!

Los Angeles, CA | MAX VG ~ 80% VG - 20% PG Blend | 60ml & 120ml bottles

lunar rover

doylestown | AMBLER

One of a few select companies that utilizes a N.E.T. (natural tobacco extraction) process in the formulation of their eLiquid. This leads to a truly unique flavor that comes just about as close as possible to replicating the true flavors and overall experience of smoke. They use complex blends of real tobacco in their eLiquid crafting and the end result is very impressive. It’s a perfect line for customers looking to seamlessly transition from combustion-based tobacco products to vapor. Lunar also features a cocktail-themed line of flavors in addition to their N.E.T. line; and both lines are crafted with ultra-premium standards and ingredients in a state of the art lab setting.

Baltimore, MDMIXED VG/PG Blends | 30ml & 100ml bottles



Emphasis on full-bodied, bold, exciting flavors. Nicquid is one of the very first eLiquid companies in the US and they carry the absolute highest level industry standards and ingredient grades. Nicquid was also one of the very first/few e-liquid vendors to manufacture in an ISO Class 6 / FED STD 209E Class 1000 Clean Room several years ago. The company has since grown and absorbed several other brands/labels, but we feel particularly they are a great option for unique menthol blends (within their original line).

Dayton, OH40% VG - 60% PG Blend10ml & 30ml bottles

ripe vapes

(Temporarily on hiatus) - Doylestown | Ambler

Ripe is a hand-crafted premium line of eLiquid that utilizes only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients and was introduced in 2013. All of their handcrafted “Joose” is made from a proprietary blend of 99.7% pure Kosher grade Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. They utilize both natural, fresh, crisp tones as well as rich, savory flavor extracts to present a well-rounded yet exclusive offering of 6 high quality flavors. Their VCT (vanilla custard tobacco) blend has won numerous awards and was a best seller at The Local Vapor.

Currently Ripe Vapes is not wholesaling liquid in the state of PA due to recent regulation/licensing changes.  However we/they are working to change that soon.

Camarillo, CA75% VG - 25% PG Blend | 30ml & 60ml bottles

the clean vape

Doylestown | Ambler

The Clean Vape is a company with uncompromising and unbelievably strict standards. Their mission is to completely remove all traces of Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin while conversely only utilizing the very highest grade USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Propylene Glycol and Nicotine as well. They also avoid using any added sweeteners, acids or food coloring which are commonly found in juices and create layers of gunk on wicks that can mute flavor and clog coils. In addition, they have some truly unique creations that tap into rare flavor extracts such as dragonfuit, lychee, kiwi, cactus, and many others. You can truly taste the difference in quality and standards that they use, and we’re excited to be one of the very first shops to introduce this awesome new line into the Philly area.

Altadena, CA | 70% VG - 30% PG Blends | 30ml & 120ml bottles

THE originals

Doylestown | Ambler

The Originals is a meticulously crafted line that resulted from the collaboration of some of vaping’s most gifted and well-respected mixologists. The line skews heavily towards savory, rich desert flavors, and each is surprisingly unique and delicious. The creators are responsible for many other highly respected lines as well such as the Standard, Jackson, Blueprint, and Black Label. We feel the Originals may be their very best to date, and it has already won several awards at various vaping conventions.

Los Angeles, CA | Mixed VG/PG Blends | 60ml bottles

THE vaping rabbit


The Vaping Rabbit started as a Los Angeles-based boutique and its owner previously operated both a hookah parlor and an ice cream shop. Therefore it’s no surprise this his signature line of eLiquid has such creamy, milky, and savory tones. The line is considered high-end and has since developed a strong national following and reputation for quality.  Despite the light-hearted approach, packaging, and flavor profiles… the Vaping Rabbit takes quality very seriously and posts independent lab results for their flavors directly on their site.

Los Angeles, CAMAX VG Blends30ml bottles


Doylestown | Ambler

Vapergate is a line of ultra-premium max-VG juice blended with USP grade vegetable glycerin and premium grade nicotine. All ingredients used are made in the USA. Each batch of liquid is created in an ISO-7 lab and bottled by a touch-less bottling system. Vapergate has a wide variety of flavors, but seem to excel with bold, fruit tones that are ultra-smooth and offer excellent vapor production.

Denver, CO | 80% VG - 20% PG Blend | 30ml & 60ml bottles

vapor chef


Founded by a professional chef. Meticulous attention to flavor fusions and balance. The Vapor Chef is primarily an online-based business only available in very select store-fronts within the Philadelphia suburbs. We are one of the few, proud, exclusive providers of The Vapor Chef in Bucks & Montgomery Counties. USP certified vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.  American made nicotine base and diacetyl-free flavor extracts from reliable, safe sources.  Vapor Chef is our most loyal, local brand and their juice is mixed fresh and often shipped same day upon order.

Bristol, PA | 70% VG - 30% PG Blend | 15ml & 30ml bottles