Quality Service & Technical Expertise

Tank and Coil Replacement

At the Local Vapor we stock a wide variety of universally compatible ego/510 threaded tanks, cartridges, and replacement coils including Innokin, Kanger, Halo, Aspire, Smoktech, and other brands. If you are in need of extra tanks or it’s about time to replace your cartridge or coil… swing by and we can lend a hand. We’d be happy to change the heating coil on your device provided we have yours in stock. Or otherwise we’d certainly be happy to special order any replacement parts that you may need.

Special Order Hardware

We strive to carry the highest rated, best performing, and safest devices on the market at any given time. That said, we absolutely are open to the fact that the technology is constantly evolving and we may not always be the very first to know in the smoke-free alternative community. So please never hesitate to recommend new vapor devices that you’d love to see in our shop. We LOVE to hear feedback from our customers like this, and can often stock new technology for you within 24 hours. Flexibility, adaptability, and customer service is our goal. We aim to be nimble and establish ourselves as leaders and innovators in the market.

Special Order Liquids

As with hardware our mission is to stock only the safest and most respected/established e-liquid vendors available. At the local vapor, we do NOT self-mix our liquids to increase profit margin. We’d rather take all of the necessary steps to ensure that our products are the safest and highest rated across the entire US. It’s not uncommon that we carry several of the top ten rated brands of e-juice at any given time; and our menu will constantly adapt and change to this end. Our vendors are very well established and use standards the preemptively address pending FDA regulations. So please feel free to make recommendations for our shop to carry new e-juices. We’d love to hear suggestions from you and we always welcome healthy criticism as well.

In-Store Tutorial on Products

The Local Vapor at heart is more than just a retail site. We prefer to think of ourselves as a place where education is of the utmost importance. We strive to be an impetus for change and hope to spread our enthusiasm throughout the community. Also we aim to ensure that all of our customers are well educated on the products that they purchase from us. This assures that each customer gains a firm knowledge of the safest practices and precautions. We have several devices at our shop available for demonstration; and with any new purchase we will always open the box and instruct our customers on the proper ways to fill liquid, change a coil, and operate that specific device properly.