Introducing The Haze Vaporizer

Back in February at the Oscars, non-winning Oscar nominees received what we think is the coolest gift ever to  be given as a consolation prize. Inside their gift bags, nominees received The Haze Vaporizer by Haze Technologies. The Haze made history by being the first vaporizer to be included in the $125,000 swag bag gifted to each actor that walked out of Hollywood's Dolby Theater without the winning statue.

What makes The Haze so special? It's the first portable vaporizer featuring dual chambers that allow the user to inhale two different materials with the alternative option to use both chambers for a single material, doubling the amount to vape. We love the fact that this stealthy vaporizer offers all-material capability, giving you the options of vaping dry blends, waxy concentrates, and e-liquids.

Key Features:
- 4 Temperature Options
- Liquid, Dry-Herb & Waxy Concentrates
- Dual Chambers
- Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
- Features Convection and Conduction Chambers

The Local Vapor is proud to add The Haze to our fleet our premier devices. You can learn more and purchase The Haze on our online store or come in to the shop to see it in person.

The Haze is the first portable vaporizer with dual chambers, allowing vaporization of dried blends, solid concentrates, and liquids interchangeably and simultaneously.