The Vapor Chef At The Local Vapor

I received a phone call on an August afternoon that I will never

Since our doors opened in late June, it seemed that at least two customers a day would walk in to The Local Vapor and ask if we carried "The Vapor Chef". 

It became so common that I could finish the customer's question. I would have to answer with a disappointing "No", and explain that The Vapor Chef is extremely exclusive, and very few vape shops carry their eJuice. Having tried The Vapor Chef myself, it was easy to see why this became such a popular destination product. They create AMAZING flavors. I remember the first time I tried Honey Pearry (honey dew with hints of strawberry and pear). It was instantly one of my favorite vapes. Lightly sweet and summery, and the taste couldn't be truer to the name. In fact, every flavor I tried... I loved. It was hard to pick which was my favorite. I took a liking to them all. This led to trying to sell The Vapor Chef at The Local Vapor, but doing so would not be easy. You see, we are not the only vapor shop that wants to carry this delicious vape juice, and with more and more shops inquiring about the product, I was unsure if we would ever be stocking TVC's bottles on our shelves. They have become extremely exclusive.

Then one morning, two customers walked in. After we started having a nice conversation, they introduced themselves and explained how they work at The Vapor Chef. The guys couldn't have been more friendly, complimenting the looks of the inside of The Local Vapor and telling me how much they liked the shop. They gave me a bottle of Trillian, a pink lemonade eJuice that I couldn't wait to try out. Later that week, I sent an Email to The Vapor Chef, letting them know how great these guys were, and how I felt that The Local Vapor would be a great place in Bucks County to represent their quality eLiquids. The following day, I answered my phone to the voice of Aras Azuolas, owner and creator of The Vapor Chef. After we had a great discussion about vaping, politics and beer, Aras let me know that we would be carrying The Vapor Chef in our Doylestown store, The Local Vapor. So, now instead of explaining to customers  why we do not carry The Vapor Chef, I can show off our three-shelf wall displaying one of the best eLiquids on the market.

The Vapor Chef is conveniently (for us) located in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Each flavor is created by Aras Azuolas, a former restaurant chef turned eLiquid chef, and he has quickly grown a reputation for formulating some of the most delicious eJuice concoctions on the market. Aras has been interviewed by the well-known eMagazine Spinfuel, an online site that breaks down and reviews eJuice companies that are making a name for themselves throughout the United States.

The Local Vapor carries a large selection of The Vapor Chef, offering each flavor in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg. We currently carry all of their juices in a 30% PG and 70% VG ratio, but special ratio requests can be ordered one week prior to purchase per a customer's request. We offer each flavor to be sampled at our store located in the center of Doylestown, PA.