Vaping Helps Smokers Quit, Mayo Clinic Study Says

You’ve tried nicotine gum. You’ve tried the patch. Maybe you’ve even tried hypnotism.  But no matter what you try, you haven’t been able to quit smoking.

Are e-cigarettes the answer?

The FDA would caution us against making such a claim. 

But new research in both the U.S. and Great Britain has found that smokers were able to utilize e-cigarettes to curb their use of regular tobacco. 


According to a study released by the Mayo Clinic earlier this year, e-cigarettes reduced smokers’ tobacco use before and after elective surgery.

Medical professionals warn smokers that regular cigarette use can lead to complications after surgery. In the study, 75 patients were asked to use an e-cigarette instead of a regular cigarette in the two weeks before and after surgery. After 30 days, about half of the patients said they would continue vaping.

“ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Device) use is feasible in adult smokers scheduled for elective surgery and is associated with a reduction in perioperative cigarette consumption,” the study said.

“These results support further exploration of ENDS as a means to help surgical patients reduce or eliminate their cigarette consumption around the time of surgery. These pilot data suggest that ENDS use is feasible and well-accepted in surgical patients, and worthy of exploration as a harm reduction strategy in these patients.” 

The study concluded that its key finding was that “when cigarette smokers scheduled for elective surgery were offered free ENDS at the time of pre-anesthesia evaluation, a high proportion utilized them in the perioperative period, with an associated reduction in cigarette consumption.”

And researchers in England found that e-cigarettes are that country’s most popular form of support for people trying to quit smoking.

A study at the University College of London found that 40 percent of the 2.6 million English smokers who tried to quit in 2015 used an e-cigarette, compared to 26 percent who used other nicotine products.

"E-cigarettes have overtaken more traditional methods as the most widely used support for smokers wanting to quit," Robert West, professor of health psychology at UCL told the Telegraph newspaper.

"Their impact on public health at present comes from attracting people who would otherwise have tried to stop without any useful form of support. We estimate that e-cigarettes have probably helped around 20,000 smokers to quit each year, that wouldn't have otherwise."

The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) – which represents the e-cigarette industry – is using this study to argue against proposed FDA regulations governing e-cigarette sales. 

“One of the biggest challenges we face as an industry – and one that our industry has been outflanked on up until this point – is the rampant misinformation disseminated about our technology,” says the VTA’s Tony Abboud. “Let’s be clear: vapor products are not only a safer alternative to traditional combustible products, but they also provide thousands upon thousands of Americans with a viable path to reduce tobacco smoking and even quit altogether.”

Abboud accuses public health authorities of circulating “junk science” about vaping at a time when the industry is facing what could be a massive financial burden.

“The biggest challenge facing the VTA is the Food and Drug Administration’s so-called ‘deeming regs’ that are expected to be published in the summer,” the Daily Caller’s Guy Bentley wrote. “The FDA’s rules will require all e-cigarette products released after Feb. 15, 2007 to undergo the costly Pre-Market Tobacco Applications (PMTA) process. The PMTA process for each individual product can run between $2-10 million.”

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